look upon..

look upon..


Monday, April 5, 2010

touch the heart - of yours!!

now a days me have a high voltage angry over a close friend of mine..
at times it may even could not bearable..

luckily a day me found the angry creeps within me..
me never know - how to control that emotion..
but this time me was in alert and allowed that within me..
the angry reached the peak inside and anytime explode outside..
but me just touched my heart with my hand a second..
belive me - the whole anger flew within a second..

if anger comes in - be alert as it is a mind phenomenon..
it may found 1000 execuses and ways..

when it peaks - just touch your heart with your hand
and ask the heart -
"what to do? just you tell.." -
as the heart knows only one way.. the truthful way..

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