look upon..

look upon..


Monday, April 26, 2010

three small things - thought me - how it would be?

just went to my home town..
spent time with my friend and came across his father..

he was doing his pooja for more than two hours..
what ever happens in the house - never matter to him..
he just dip onto his rituals..
feel - "the fear always makes you - to pray.."

PS: me too spent an hour with his pooja!!

just went to a small temple just 125 km away from my home town..
wierd to go there..

it is some what interior -
from the living place -
within a deep forest and
there exist a big silence
with the sounds of birds and speices!
me went in and found that beautiful pond..
not small - but beautiful pond..
with lot of Lotus flowers, lot of trees around,
leaves of the trees floating on the water,
birds singing and enjoying,
the pond reflects everthing around it..
sit silently near that for long and
without a word - left..

when me little,

my father crossed that pond by swimming -
when me crying loud -
"dont go there - the stems of the
lotus - reel your legs!"
he just turned over me, laughed and
reached the other bank..
he too left this world..

bought guava in my home town..
"how many - dozens you want?"

that old lady packed that in two pockets..
putting some extra on each pocket..
me told "don't do that.. you may lose.."
she laughed at me and said "enjoy.."

PS: she may hardly get anything out of the day's work..
me still appreciate her persistance and gut for living..
me too live my life - on my own terms like her..



  1. aww.. nice musiings :-). I believe that prayer should happen out of love and not out of fear.

  2. yes.. its so.. the love on others but to unburden himself..