look upon..

look upon..


Thursday, April 29, 2010

deep silence.. (voice of a master,..)

Your silence should not be the silence of a graveyard,
your silence should be the silence of a garden.
Once in a while a bird starts singing,
but it does not disturb the silence, it deepens it.
Once in a while the breeze comes with its song,
passes through the pine trees,
but it does not disturb the silence,
it deepens it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

three small things - thought me - how it would be?

just went to my home town..
spent time with my friend and came across his father..

he was doing his pooja for more than two hours..
what ever happens in the house - never matter to him..
he just dip onto his rituals..
feel - "the fear always makes you - to pray.."

PS: me too spent an hour with his pooja!!

just went to a small temple just 125 km away from my home town..
wierd to go there..

it is some what interior -
from the living place -
within a deep forest and
there exist a big silence
with the sounds of birds and speices!
me went in and found that beautiful pond..
not small - but beautiful pond..
with lot of Lotus flowers, lot of trees around,
leaves of the trees floating on the water,
birds singing and enjoying,
the pond reflects everthing around it..
sit silently near that for long and
without a word - left..

when me little,

my father crossed that pond by swimming -
when me crying loud -
"dont go there - the stems of the
lotus - reel your legs!"
he just turned over me, laughed and
reached the other bank..
he too left this world..

bought guava in my home town..
"how many - dozens you want?"

that old lady packed that in two pockets..
putting some extra on each pocket..
me told "don't do that.. you may lose.."
she laughed at me and said "enjoy.."

PS: she may hardly get anything out of the day's work..
me still appreciate her persistance and gut for living..
me too live my life - on my own terms like her..


Friday, April 23, 2010

some times - me use to do this..

Don't break a heart..
as it is breaking itself piecemeal daily..
- Don't try it at a single stroke..


Don't think you disappoint anybody..
Because they too human and
may disappoint you - in turn..


If you have a love-
Don't waste even a moment to express it..
Because the love in you
is just a



Me always around you..
Me always the thorns around you..
as you are the..


Some thing between a girl and a boy
May be called as - Love..
May be called as - Infactuatuation..
May be called as - Sex..
But me love it to be called as:


A girl always used to tell the things
not so straight..
Me a fool -
could never understand..
But me always want to be a fool..
As I love to hear -
from that girl - everyghing


everytime when me think -
why to make writings
like a poem?
like a verse?
like a garland?
as they r going to
read by a HEART..



My wife had gone to her mother’s house in her home town.
The day is so long that too the night.


She was a perfect twitter, twit continuously.

She used to update herself with regular news magazines, TV media
(“What is this?” – me enquired her often) and gossips with neighbors
and relations (“What is this?”–again me!)

Her way of food preparation was mouth watering. She had her own way.

And keeping relations with kith and kins were as natural to her. She had remembered
all the birthdays, anniversary etc of every relations. “their anniversary is her birthday..” She kept to relate those days with some other events and with some other events and recalled it perfectly even with perfect timings.

She kept very good relations with me too. No hard words on me – though she was not soft spoken (“We never use the phone to call others in the other floor while we staying in our apartment house” – She); very polite. If me late – she used to hang over at our compound expecting my bike’s sound. She poured her love on me, on my son and with her relatives (note: not mine!) She used to pick each and every words of me perfectly(!) She now-a-days used to laugh at my jokes – “You the perfect joker”
Never spent my money waste; even at a jewel shop – she denied “Why you waste your money?”

She had some complex over her look; though she was perfect.

An affair of me hurt her most instead she said “Me never going to say – stop it. Me afraid; because of that word – you might miss a perfect opportunity.” (Me missed that affair)


I thought - my words might hurt her - in one of these odd days.
And she left me;
She had gone to her mother’s house.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

two travels..

two travels are immense in life..

the travel from head to heart..
this involve crossing of all the emotions..
a love would do wonder..
it will bulldoze the ego..

the travel from heart to soul..
this invloves all the sentiments..
nation, education, religion, parents etc etc..
dhyana do wonder to cross the sentiments..




me the poor wave..

so innocent..
and nvr know -
"how to escape
from the
gravity of the moon"


though the burden

its unbearable..

trying 2 times of load
on a poor donkey..

but don't cry..
though u may die..


the cycle last for a month..

first few days are block outs..
then the glimpse of longing..
very crisp..
the lust grows and glows;

in the middle week of the cycle
the desire just glowing..
it has its own gravity..
it nvr leaves any waves..
no wave have been spared..
they are pulled by the gravity..
high tide..

then it starts detoriating..
the interest would gone out
for the waves and for the moon..
this is the safest PeRiOd..
(for a safe sea travel!)
the cresent and the ultimate end..

the cycle may start soon..


Friday, April 16, 2010

just loved her..

it hurts..

me was neglected..
me was blocked out..

me felt for..

my life is spinning around
like a planet -
which nvr get the rays of the sun..

time is running..

if a music in eternal,
then why not the thing
for which it is playing for?

that too might be eternal..

not easy to fit into..
if fit into - not easy to come out..

nvr know when the love starts..
nvr ever know - how the hate starts..

though might know the starting point -
nvr know when it ends..

just sit helplessly -
"it may end in someway or other.."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the ads..

two ads
are the
of my
mail box..

matrimonial ads..
viagra ads..

me may want
to cry..

man - its enough..
its OVER!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

everything is related..

that too continous..

as earth is
relating to sun
every second..

and sun is
playing with
every second..

and the earth
is revolving
every second..

and that is
evident from
every second..

and the breath
is inhabited
by earth
to us
every second..

everything is

there is no
need to

when me feel - me deserted..

and me know
nobody around..

me just loved

touch the heart - of yours!!

now a days me have a high voltage angry over a close friend of mine..
at times it may even could not bearable..

luckily a day me found the angry creeps within me..
me never know - how to control that emotion..
but this time me was in alert and allowed that within me..
the angry reached the peak inside and anytime explode outside..
but me just touched my heart with my hand a second..
belive me - the whole anger flew within a second..

if anger comes in - be alert as it is a mind phenomenon..
it may found 1000 execuses and ways..

when it peaks - just touch your heart with your hand
and ask the heart -
"what to do? just you tell.." -
as the heart knows only one way.. the truthful way..

no lost hope..

me trying..

these waves

me - where?


don't cry..




the mind travel to heart..

the heart travel to soul..

in all these lonely travels -

she comes as a guide..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sharing is joy..

some extra
pains to some..

some easy
to the other..

just balancing
the life..


nvr met the
damaging rains..

nvr met the
killing sun..

nvr met the
dangerous sea..

nvr met the
trembling earth(quake)..


me think -
me too may not..

nvr want you too
to tell..

closing the heart..

dont do..

some others..

sorry to share..

put a wall up on the action..
its against the waves and winds..

may just allow the experiment..
just crossing the border and
try to understand -
what is what? (truth..)

sorry - put the curtains..
share - is the curtain raiser..


how a tree
moving and
in the space -
there is
no wind..

its trembling

Saturday, April 3, 2010

the only person..

never bored
about his work
at any time - SUN..

don't conclude -
me have to go near him
and have to find - "is it true?"

she is a dictionary..

at times
she might
hardest words
in her writing..

she understands

except the word

Friday, April 2, 2010


"if love
understanding -
what is the wrong
to wait prolong
the other
though it may
takes months"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

she is so sensitive..

closing her eyes
even if some one
say the word -

they spilit..

she asked for
a teddy bear..

instead of asking
"for what sake?"
he asked,
"for what shake?"


grammer mistakes..

"s/he is

playing piono..

on seeing her
heart valves doing..

heart + attack..

if she identifies
my heart
to myself
she has
every right
to give
attacks too..

a tree full of yellow flowers..

she knows
me fall in love
with it..

earth never likes moon..

at nights
it spying
for the sun..

great partition..

a sun..
nine planets..
lot of space..

elephants n river..

when playful
never bothered
about the banks..