look upon..

look upon..


Friday, April 23, 2010


My wife had gone to her mother’s house in her home town.
The day is so long that too the night.


She was a perfect twitter, twit continuously.

She used to update herself with regular news magazines, TV media
(“What is this?” – me enquired her often) and gossips with neighbors
and relations (“What is this?”–again me!)

Her way of food preparation was mouth watering. She had her own way.

And keeping relations with kith and kins were as natural to her. She had remembered
all the birthdays, anniversary etc of every relations. “their anniversary is her birthday..” She kept to relate those days with some other events and with some other events and recalled it perfectly even with perfect timings.

She kept very good relations with me too. No hard words on me – though she was not soft spoken (“We never use the phone to call others in the other floor while we staying in our apartment house” – She); very polite. If me late – she used to hang over at our compound expecting my bike’s sound. She poured her love on me, on my son and with her relatives (note: not mine!) She used to pick each and every words of me perfectly(!) She now-a-days used to laugh at my jokes – “You the perfect joker”
Never spent my money waste; even at a jewel shop – she denied “Why you waste your money?”

She had some complex over her look; though she was perfect.

An affair of me hurt her most instead she said “Me never going to say – stop it. Me afraid; because of that word – you might miss a perfect opportunity.” (Me missed that affair)


I thought - my words might hurt her - in one of these odd days.
And she left me;
She had gone to her mother’s house.


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