look upon..

look upon..


Monday, August 9, 2010

an intimate lover of earth.. - gravity..

me complained her a day..

"you have an intimate lover within you..
which never allow me to fly..
where ever me go, he always controlling me..
are me imprisoned by him?"

she laughed at me..
"why you want to go away from me?
me provide you air,
get you water,
for you - rowing in the sunlight,
give you food and rest..
why you want to go away from me?"

"you are my mother..
where me go?
but how long may I remain in my mother's lap?"

"then go away - with joy.."

"how to go away?
your b/f held me tightly with you?"

"yes.. he might..
he always tightly held anything..
even he held myself in composition..
without him - me may not;
be spread in the whole universe on particles..
but he is so kind hearted..
held me..
held me - composed -
however me so wild.."

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  1. WOW! How different, arvind!

    Very good!

    A big hug.