look upon..

look upon..


Friday, August 20, 2010

found that lost friend

me again fall into the silence..
where ever me go -
it uses to follow me..

it is so beautiful -
a childhood friend..
me used to talk to it always..
it used to hold my hands -
and took me to the great valley of life;
where me care the trees, flowers, their smells,
the fruits, honey, snails, butterflies, ants;
where me used to see everything with my widen eyes..

the livelihood broke my friendship..
it demands talks, to be talkative..
it not needs silence, no, no way..
if you have - you become a mystery there..
it needs talks, actions, movings, performances..
no need of silence there -
except in some notes of the musician..

me again fall in the friendship again..
but it needs greatest efforts of me -
to keep the friendship this time..
not so natural as of earlier - a struggle now..
every minute when me with it -
me become restless..

it just hold my hands with tears,
"be a friend of me;
if not so -
you may meet me again
only in the end of your life.."


  1. arvind, the only thing that matters is love, isn't it?

    Kisses, honey, with love...

  2. teca, silent love!

    silent is spread over every where -
    in the whole universe..

    just love that too..

    kisses!, honey!, love! - ho my god!