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look upon..


Monday, May 3, 2010

me too made up my HEART..

me too never like any committments..
never like,,
and keep me away for so many years..
because me know the pain of it..
me know - where it threw..
me know - its a fire,
which could not extinguish..
its always would end in soilitude..
me knew the pain of it..
me kept myself away from it-
for my whole life..
as me a victim of it..


just like that
you came in..
as you deserved
you kindle everything..

me always admitted -
me not deserved it..
still me admitting -
me deserved nothing..

but you never bothered..

still me rememebered the day -
in which you left my city..
still felt the night -
when you talked for hours..

me never the man for committment -
but got committed..


now you said - "me made up my mind"
that too for some body said - something..

me never listen - those somebodies -
when me decided..
me just asked my heart..
just asked - "will you bear?"

now - you made that heart
as unbearable - as you made up your mind..


me laughed
me laughed
me laughed
never slept..
but laughed..

is it the words - from your heart?
then say - "made up my heart"
just say - "me made up my heart"
its so easy to say that too..


me know
though the candle
might have sorrounded
with the thick rock solid things -
the wavering light alone its life..
just the light..

as the spine of that candle -
me have you inside me..
and my life have been just lighted..
just lighted - by you alone..

me allowing you..
made up your mind..
me try to made up my heart..
its hard..
but me will try
and have to do that..


me too never like any committments..
never like,,
but will not keep me away for so many DAYS..


always loving

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