look upon..

look upon..


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dedicated to a loving heart..

me caught into a fear over an excessive love..
the fear melted me down and never know - how to handle..

me had a dream - Khalil Gibran!
"Ho my God! its you.. me have a doubt.."

he just smiled..

"when two souls fall in love so deep -
whether the beautiful heart is enough for her..
she expects much more?"

Gibran asked: "You not in trust?"

"Trust is not the matter. I am fearing that -
me very poor before a loving heart"

"You are nearing a big secret.." he exclaimed,
"are the both are sincere?"

"me think so.."

He had a thoughtful look for a while,
"OK.. you find a way.."

A ear to hear always cheer. That too Khalil..

me just went deep and remembered some beautiful words..
"the good people would make the place where they live
as a heavan.."

If they do, why not two loving hearts..

Some another day me met Khalil again..
me told about all the things.. and he listened so soft..

"You are very much in the right direction.
But those things are what you heard..
Now you tell - what you felt.
That may be so realistic.."

His authentic words made me to be so silent.
the feeling part may be very much deeper than
the heard part..

His mis-chevious eyes searched the answer in me..

at that moment me got that..

"Oh.. yes.. Whether the loving heart is enough for her
should not the question..
the question would be -
me have a loving heart..
she too have one..
if they meet - there exist love..
if me expect some thing more -
then she might also expect something more.."

"You got it.. That's beautiful..
with that loving heart - just share everything..
but don't play..
the hearts know only one way of speaking - TEARS..
whether it is joy or sorrow - that is their way..
hence don't play.. just share..
don't expect to wear that nice pearl or not try hold..
let it as it is.. as free as it is..
but stand by her side - what ever happens..
and that will cherrish her through her whole life.."

some drops of tear shed from my eye..
before me woke from my dream - me said these last words

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