look upon..

look upon..


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

shadows of breath

there exists
a beautiful door
in between us..

you think
it apart us..
me think
it linking us -
as you are
just next to the door..

me want to knock
never did that..
but may stand there
till my life..

just a door..


me may end there
you may move away..
but don't open the door..

if you do so,
you may find
your name is
beautifully inscribed
as many times -
as my heart feel about you -
all along the door..

me never want to know
what is there
in your side of the door..

certainly me not want to know..
no need to look at it..

as me always know -
that may be -
shadows of the breath..


1 comment:

  1. Never give up the dream... dreams drive our flights...

    A great weekend, sir!
    Warm hug.